chestnuts on an open fireChristmas should be a celebration; of good things and doing good.

But nowadays it's turned into the biggest shopping spree of the year.

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We don't have to engage in mass consumption to make merry; we can still celebrate in style without tacky tat and plastic hats and throw-away this and that…


There are hundreds of ways to reduce our impact and have a more ethically minded Christmas, most of which are more authentic, more fun and require a little but more thought, which is what Christmas should really be about!

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Sixty percent of the annual turnover in UK retailing happens during the Christmas period1, and the majority of items sold come from the other side of the world, churning out CO2 all the way and ending up as waste in landfills. Surely that's not what Christmas should be about!?


This Christmas we've teamed up with some of the UK's leading ethical brands to showcase some of the best gifts you can give. Join us by signing up for our ethical advent competition and not only will you get top tips for a low carbon Christmas but you'll also get access to some exclusive, ethical prizes to help you have an "extra ethical Christmas".


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