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AURO UK make natural organic paints and finishes.

Since 1983 AURO have been manufacturing natural and eco paints and wood finishes with a total committed to the highest environmental standards. Their products do not contain any petrochemicals and are made from 99% natural materials from environmentally managed sources. Much of the linseed oil used in their paints is grown close to the factory and is certified as organic and any waste product and excess paint can be composted. Brilliant!

Why do we love AURO UK?

Because they offer a natural, healthy alternative to conventional products. auro paint
The use of natural and plant based ingredients means that allergy and asthma sufferers and people who are chemically sensitive are not troubled by their products. Nobody likes that 'just painted' smell that you get from conventional paints and finishes which often contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) too :(
AURO remain 'best buy' in Ethical Consumer Magazine and, as part of the Green Shop Group, are now accredited as Carbon Neutral through the CO2 Balance Company, offsetting 67 tonnes via donation to the African Efficient Stove scheme in 2010. So both manufacturer and distributor are now CO2 neutral. Fantastic.

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