Book Exchange and Fat Brain logos

Book Exchange and Fatbrain help you buy and sell your books. Smart, simple and extra ethical!

You don't often see two competing brands promoting alongside each other but that's just how cool Fatbrain and Book Exchange really are.

Both companies offer UK readers a price-friendly way of discovering, reading, buying and recycling books. It makes perfect sense; If you're anything like us your book shelves are probably buckling from the weight of dusty old titles you have not read in years... So why not share the love, make a few quid and get some new inspiration all at the same time!? Plus, you'll be avoiding the need for more trees to be cut down to bring us all brand new books.

Why do we love Fatbrain and the Book Exchange?

booksBecause they had the insight to club together and come on board to bring you free books this Christmas...

But mainly because they both provide an exceptional and extremely worthwhile service.
Not only that but they are also both young passionate brands with extra ethical ethics. Fatbrain live by their own socially responsible manifesto, whilst Book Exchange are equally responsible and support the Dyslexia Research Trust.

Fatbrain also give stuff away (like iTunes vouchers!) and have a growing community at Fatsocial, whilst Book Exchange provides a forum for avid readers to buy books, up-cycle their pre-loved books into different titles and chat to other readers to discover new authors, read reviews and get recommendations.

Check them BOTH out at and