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Do the Green Thing is an environmental charity that uses creativity to tackle climate change. Very well.

They provide an inspiration feed of creative ideas, campaigns and products that inspire people to lead a greener life. With the help of brilliant creativity and inspiring stories from contributors and members around the world, Do The Green Thing make greener living smart, sexy, fashionable and fun! :)

Talent from Emma Thompson and Ryan Giggs to Dinos Chapman, Howie B and Tugg from Basement Jaxx, have come out in force for Do the Green Thing who's advisors include Satish Kumar.

Why do we love Do The Green Thing?

Don't upgrade just because you can!Because they have a real sense of humour, and their messages are bang-on!

Green Thing focus on seven things anyone can do to lead a greener life including: Walk The Walk, Easy On The Meat, Stick With What You Got, Human Heat, The art of using up everything: All-Consuming, Stay Grounded, and Plug Out.

You can add your own story, watch their TED talk and check out all their other brilliant creative ideas at We guarantee you will be entertained!