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Green People make organic body care from plants.

Started in 1994 by a mother wanting to help her young daughter, Green People develop and sell super, natural goods.

2-year-old Sandra was suffering from eczema and severe allergies. To relieve her distress her mother, Charlotte Vøhtz, decided to get to the bottom of the problem. She discovered that many of Sandra’s skin allergies were linked to chemical-based household and personal care products.

Charlotte looked for natural skin care products instead and was dismayed to find that even those advertised as 'natural' could contain up to 99.9% synthetic chemicals. What followed was several years of intensive product development which saw the very first Green People products taking shape and by 1997, they were hitting the shelves of independent health food stores in the UK.

Why do we love Green People?

Because they are in business for the best possible reasons. organic skin care
Green People have gone out of their way to develop some of the best skin care products available. Not only that, they also helped develop the first official organic standards for beauty products and now have over 100 products certified organic by The Soil Association, Organic Food Federation and EcoCert using "Phyto science": plant performance without compromise! Awesome.

Plus they donate 10% of their net profit to charitable causes linked to green or environmental issues every year.

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