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Loco2 make train travel to Europe as easy as can be.

Loco2 is a young, passionate start-up whose mission is make booking trains in Europe as easy as booking a flight. Their train route planner makes the process of booking European trains simpler, quicker, and more straightforward. And since trains are much lower carbon than planes and cars, traveling by train is better for the environment as well as being more fun!

Recent legislative changes in Europe mean that train operators are opening up their timetables and prices to make train travel more competitive. Using this data is complicated and although it's a big challenge, Loco2 are leading the way in using open rail data to make simple, intuitive train booking tools. Good skills!

Why do we love Loco2?

Because of their passion for low carbon travel and all things train! train track
The guys and girls at Loco2 are totally serious about making train travel easier for you and reducing carbon emissions. They feature some of the most popular destinations in Europe, showcasing the best train routes on their booking guides which explain how to find the best tickets. They know exactly how hard it can be to find connections and deals from European train operators and are spear-heading the drive to make it easy.

Get on board with Loco2 at Loco2.com