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The Organic Gardening Catalogue is a joint venture between Garden Organic, Europe's leading organic gardening organisation and Chase Organics, who have been supplying organic gardeners for over 80 years.

The catalogue includes practically everything you need to set up your very own organic garden, you just need to a bit of land and the energy for some good old fashioned digging - probably the most honest form of exercise money can't buy!

They sell old vegetable varieties that were established before the advent of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, newer vegetable varieties, herbs for culinary, medicinal and decorative use as well as flowers and green manure seeds and a bunch of garden tools and accessories.

Why do we love The Organic Gardening Catalogue?

Because they're totally dedicated to researching and promoting organic gardening. Divine cocoa grower
They don't sell, and have never sold, genetically modified seeds or plant material... and although there are still gaps where no organic seed is available, their aim is to fill these when they can. Until that time they offer high quality, non-organic seed of varieties that have been shown to perform well in organic gardens.

The paper catalogue itself is a bible for any would-be organic gardener and never fails to brighten up a dull winters day whist planning next years crops. Plus, all purchases from the catalogue help to fund Garden Organic's work in researching and promoting Organic Gardening.

Check out the catalogue and find out how to become a member of Garden Organic and get 10% off everything at