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Pants to Poverty make beautiful pants, all the way from cotton to bottom!

Inspired by Nelson Mandela, who stood in Trafalgar Square in 2005 and called for a generation to rise up and Make Poverty History, Pant to Poverty are doing exactly that. They now sell their super-ethically-made, fairtrade, organic underpants in over 20 countries around the world and support over 5000 farmers in India!

The pants start their life at Chetna Organic farms in Orissa, India, where the farmers have been working intimately with the land for generations. Pants to Poverty support Chetna by buying cotton directly from the villages, supporting and funding the establishment of seed banks, funding internet connections and educational materials in local schools and linking Chetna and their farmers up with buyers.

They also use a carbon neutral production facility in India, who pay a real living wage to all workers in the factory.

Why do we love Pants to Poverty?

Because they're doing way more than just pants. solar pv
Pants to Poverty are key campaigners for a fair, sustainable world. As they say, "with climate chaos, the global financial meltdown and growing poverty around the world, the consequences of doing nothing are terrifying…" Too true.

Not only have they founded their own charity, Pi Foundation, they have also helped drive forward the Pants To Bayer campaign (which forced Bayer to stop using pesticides which cause chronic diseases to farmers), Drop the Debt, and the launch of Fairtrade cotton.

These guys and girls are extra-ethically cool!

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