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People Tree are the pioneers of Fair Trade and sustainable fashion.

People Tree champions the use of traditional hand skills and natural fabrics proving it’s possible to wear stylish, affordable fashion whilst at the same time respecting people and planet.

People Tree works with 50 Fair Trade groups and organic cotton farmers and artisans in 10 countries around the world, providing some of the world’s most marginalized communities with a sustainable living. They use hand woven fabrics, hand screen and hand block printing and intricate hand embroidery techniques.

They have a totally ethical five part mission to create great ethical clothing whilst supporting workers, protecting the environment and improving the world at the same time. Right on!

Why do we love People Tree?

Because they're in business for all the right reasons. People Tree
People Tree are setting an example to business and the government of a Fair Trade model of business based on partnership, people-centred values and sustainability, proving that ethical business really does work. They've been doing it for ages and have won a host of awards for their efforts.

People Tree designers are not just thinking about fashion when they sit down with an empty sketchpad; they're thinking about creating work in developing countries. They know that each and every choice made in the design process effects the lives of the producers – and work their designs to be of maximum benefit. Excellent!

For Christmas give the gift that gives twice with hand crafted ideas such as home wares from £6 including new mosaic candle holders, knit hot water bottle covers, cosy recycled yarn socks, hand-made cushion covers and the perfect stocking filler – a recycled sari purse or clutch bags from £12, each one unique in colour and pattern.

For every beautiful thing People Tree makes, there’s an equally beautiful change happening somewhere in the world. Join them and Be the Change