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Raw Living promote the benefits of raw foods and superfoods to support people in their busy stressful lives.

Raw foods are not some sort of hippy diet, they're a simple, sustainable way of eating that can be incorporated into everyone's existing diet. Raw foods contain more energy because the nutrients and enzymes have not been destroyed by the cooking process, so they provide us with more vitality and increase our zest for life. Superfoods are natural plant foods which are exceptionally dense in nutrients, and can help us achieve optimal health.

Why do we love Raw Living?

Kate, the founder of Raw Living, has probably done more than anyone else in the UK to promote the benefits of raw food. She has nearly two decades of experience of raw eating, has written a bunch of books on the subject, often talks and runs workshops on raw foods, and also runs Kate's Magic Bubble!

Raw LivingThe Raw Living website itself is crammed full on info on raw foods, with all their weird and wonderful names, and provides recipes and ideas for getting into raw food. Even if you love your burgers it's pretty obvious we could all benefit from supplementing our existing diets with some seriously super-healthy foods. Even it's just with raw chocolate and a few smoothies!

Raw Living are Europe's largest provider of their kind and now provide a bunch of their own brand, and other products, to Planet Organic, in London.

Check them out at RawLiving.eu