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Trillion is a crowd funding platform for renewable energy projects. By pooling resources they help people access large renewable energy projects with better rates of return.

Basically, they make it easy for mere mortals like us to, who can only afford to invest little amounts in comparison to huge investment firms, to play in the big league! Trillion use the classic 'cut-out-the-middle-man' trick that peer-to-peer lenders like Zopa employ but for investments in renewable energy. And what that means for you is a return on your investment of about 6% per year and the satisfaction of knowing your money is working for a lower carbon planet. Pretty attractive when you think banks, that invest heavily in carbon emitting industries, are only offering 1 or 2% these days.

Why do we love Trillion Fund?

Two words: Ambition and commitment.
These guys aren't messing around. They want to enable $1,000,000,000,000s of dollars to be invested in renewable projects over the next ten years! It might seem ambitious but it matches the scale of investment required for the cost of renewable energy to reach the price of fossil fuel based energy.
Trillion Fund directoryAnd they're totally committed to making it happen. The founders are personal investors in each of their projects, so you know they're going to be keeping an eye on the money!
They're also open minded and whilst they preparing their own investments projects their website lists all the other renewable energy projects you can invest in too, so they're clearly championing the cause. And that's super-cool.

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