Ohhhh you lucky, lucky people...

On the 1st of December

Catarina from Dunstable and Gerald from Leeds won money off international rail travel from LOCO2...
Gerald said:

Brilliant news, thanks a lot!

On the 2nd of December

Lisa from Ashford
Kelly-Ann from Newtonabbey
Faridah from Wirral
Tracey from Birmingham
Jenny from Reading
Eleanor from Carlisle
Lora from Glasgow
Nicci from Dukinfield
David from Melton Mowbray
Kerry from Calne
Sandra from Rochford
Claire from Llanelli
Alice from Keighley
Katie from Bournemouth
Agata from Henlow
Susan from Walsall
Judith from Cardiff
Fiona from Beccles
Alison from Colchester
James from Staines
Lauren from Edinburgh

won Glove Love and Saved T-shirts from Do The Green Thing...

Jenny said:

Hi Thats lovely news. I'm loving the advent not just because i won :0). Really good fun and well run.

Lora said:

Thank you very much. The saved t-shirts sound like a great idea.

Alison said:

Thank you so much for letting me know I won the gloves - I am over the moon :)
I am loving the Advent Calendar so far, especially as it gives an opportunity to discover new companies and products!

Lauren said:

Fab idea for the website - lovely design too!

On the 3rd of December

Helen from Burnley won £200 to spend with People Tree.
Helen said:

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the People Tree gift vouchers I won in your advent calendar competition. Now to decide what to spend them on.... decisions decisions. Thank you again.

On the 4th of December

Jo from Newmarket
Adeinne from Glasgow
Nade from Nottingham
Tanya from Banbury
Hannah from Rotherham
Kerri form Belfast
Vicky from Brighton
Clare from Newcastle
Alison from Leicester
Michelle from Northfield
All won money off books from Fatbrain and Book Exchange

On the 5th of December

Dawn from Peterlee and Paul from Walsall won super-duper pants from Pants to Poverty
Dawn said:

Hi, Wow that is great news!
Your site is fun and informative and I hope to be able to make use of some of the tips provided! :)

Paul said (and this is probably our favourite bit of feedback so far :) ...

Really great news that I've won - thank you!

I love the look and feel of your website, and the information you've given about all the people who've supplied the prizes is very useful. My wife and I generally shop ethically whenever we can, and support ethical and sustainable causes, so it's especially nice to have won one of your Christmas draws (or Christmas drawers, in this case!). My favourite ethical tip is simply to keep up the pressure on supermarkets when "issues" arise about certain products. A couple of years ago there was a great breakthrough when all the supermarkets switched to free-range eggs, and this year public pressure has led to dairy farmers being paid a fairer rate for milk, and all this happens because of public pressure!

Anyway, looking forward to getting some new pants. Er, not that I badly needed them or anything, y'understand!

Thanks Paul :)

On the 6th of December

Anne from Builth
Jenna from Wetherby
Natasha from Pontefract
Ellen from Bath
Brian from Merthyr Tydfil
All won some super ethical teas from Clipper

Anne said:

Fab news! Thanks so much Extra Ethical people!
I do try to make Christmas sustainable - or a least a bit more sustainable each year. Been interested to learn about firms I'd not been aware of before - like book exchange and fatbrain - from your site.
Ethical tips? Biomass boilers are amazing to live with.
Thanks again!
jolly holly

Jenna Said:

I think the website is very user friendly and pleasant to look through. It is great to be able to get more information on those companies trying to make a product without sacrificing morals for profits. They are making a difference in the world and getting the word out that sustainable does not mean boring and expensive. Extra Ethical is helping spread this word far and wide - the more people that it reaches, the more consumers will change their behaviour when they realise how easy it is to make a change.

Natasha said:

Many thanks. It was a nice surprise when I arrived home from work.
The website, it has opened my eyes to further companies/organisations which encourage fair/ethical trading. I have been interested in ethical business for many years from my pension investment to gift buying. More recently I've been asking people to donate to charity on my behalf but now I think I'll work towards encouraging the use of ethical companies to source gifts - definitely from myself in the first place - given the range that I have found through your site.
I do like the tips page, as it is a good reminder that the simplest things are usually the best.
Many thanks for the teas.

Ellen said:

I am really enjoying all the tips and info on your site and of course your fab advent competition.
Thanks a lot.

On the 7th of December

Janet from York
Sarah from Milton Keynes
and Emma from Cirencester
All won some super spelt goodies from Sharpham Park.

On the 8th of December

Filipa form London
Grainne from Radlet
and Jimmi from Whitley Bay
All won an extra ethical gift box from LUSH.

On the 9th of December

Claire from Norwich
Irene from Thurso
Mandy from Crediton
David from Barlow
R Hannah from Leek
Anne from Kimberley
Tom from Bristol
Mary from Bromley
and Janet from Blackwood
Each won £100 from Whipcar

On the 10th of December

Alison from Conwy
Judith from Shipley
and Steve from Manchester
Each won a fair trade chocolate Christmas set from Divine

Alison said:

Wow, that is excellent news, I am absolutely thrilled to bits to have the competition and am so pleased. I am a big fan of Divine and their products are amazing.
I think your website is excellent, everybody should do their bit for the environment and live in an ethical way. I like the top 10 Christmas tips. One tip I could give would be to use local shops.

Judy said:

What good news - specially as I lived in Ghana when I was a kid, and they get a lot of their cocoa beans from there.
I'm having a very low key Christmas, so very sustainable, will be making my own cards from things I've already got lying around, and giving my family members a small present plus a voucher from lendwithcare, a micro credit loan organisation for small businesses in Africa, South America, etc.

Thanks Judy, we love the sound of your extra ethical Christmas

On the 11th of December

Andrew from Llanerchymedd won the blender and...
Emilia from London
Jenny from Stroud
and Paul from Gainsborough, all won Raw Food Snack Packs from Raw Living

On the 12th of December

Winners still being confirmed...

On the 13th of December

Victoria from Manchester
Linda from Carlisle
and Aisling from Frome, all won natural, organic paints from AURO UK

On the 14th of December

Chris from London won a superb composting kit from The Organic Gardening Catalogue

On the 15th of December

Eileen from Wallingford won the organic Christmas hamper and a copy of the Discover Organic book, plus...
Andrea from Ipswich
Diana from Annan
Allan from Edinburgh
Lyn from Tamworth
Tamsin from Achnasheen
Andrew from Edinburgh
Craig from Belfast
and Karl from Chaddesden, all won copies of the Discover Organic book from Organic UK

On the 16th of December

Ann from llansamlet won £150 from Po Zu
Harriet from Coventry won a subscription to GREEN Magazine
and Hazel from Bristol won a complete range of Mohdoh products.

On the 17th of December

A VERY happy Lisa from Sheffield won a year's worth of Cow Power ice cream form Ben & Jerry's.

On the 18th of December

Susanne from Plymouth
Barbara from Holywell
Ranita from Twyford
Mark from Darlington
Louise from Eastleigh
Andrew from Oxford
Peter from Leicester
Carmen from Norwich
and Maggie from London, all won 1 year subscriptions to Permaculture magazine.

Peter from Bristol
Rafal from Harrogate
Helen from Leeds
Ed from Lower Moor
Martin from Enfield
Shane from Worstead
Leslie from London
Dana from Newbury
and Nyck from Berkshire, all won copies of the new book by Mark Boyle, The Moneyless Manifesto

Graham from leeds
Rhoda from Glasgow
Paula from London
Field from Reading
Jackie from Hitchin
Alison from Launceston
John from heffield
Catherine from Brighton
Marg from Wallasey
Cassian from Swansea
Ali from Bournemouth
Emma from Hatfield
keely from Oundle
Becca from Leicester
Ann from Deeside
Jen from Leamington Spa
Fiona from Okehampton
Caroline from London
Tracy from Whitley Bay
Russell from Kings Hill
Ian from Chippenham
Adam from Harwich
Sally from Bolton
Karen from Dagenham
Martina from Malvern
Mick from Skegness
Jenny from Bury
Gary from Birmingham
Nicoletta from Lilliesleaf
Carol from Doncaster
and ChiHo from London, all won copies of Emma Cooper's, The Alternative Kitchen Garden An A-Z

On the 19th of December

Emma from Wirral and David from Southport both won £50 from Green People
Rosamund from London
Lorna from Lancaster
Susan from Sparkford
Laura from Sunderland
and Carmina from London each won Organic Skin Radiance gift sets.

On the 20th of December

Graham from Bristol won £500 from Triodos Bank
Nikki from Bristol
Pat from Stanstead
Jane from Castleford
and Simon from London, each won £100!

On the 21st of December

Louis from Chapelfields and Johanna from London won travel vouchers from Responsible Travel

Louis said:

The site has definitely made me think about having a more sustainable Christmas. It has also widened my eyes to a variety of brands I never knew existed and given a platform for me to share the ideas with others. Thanks very much!

On the 22nd of December

Charlotte from London
Keith from Bournemouth
Ann from Dunfermline
Simon from Blackpool
and Anna from Bristol
All won ethical investments from Trillion Fund

Charlotte said:

Thank you so much! What a great website. Well run and a fun introduction to some fantastic ethical companies.
My ethical tip? Make, don't buy. This christmas I had great fun making decorations, cards and presents - they all went down well too!
Where you can't make, just refashion - repainting old furniture is a great way to start revamping old things.

On the 23rd of December

Haryati from Leeds
Maria from Edinburgh
Jackie from Folkestone
and Lynn from Northampton, all won ethical cycling goodies from VELECO

Lynn said:

Thank you very much. I found out about the competition from the Triodos bank newsletter. Annoyingly one of the days I did not have time to enter was the Triodos prize!
It was an excellent idea and I saw products that I had never heard of before. In fact I ordered something from the MohDoh company for an autistic child in my family.
Every year, I am, like many people, torn between a grown up wish to save the world (a bit!) and a childish fascination with all the shiny packaging and silly novelties. I usually assuage my guilt by purchasing all the shiny stuff from charity shops or charity catalogues but your site has made me realise that there are presents and festive fare to be had in an ethical way. Thanks again.

And on the 24th of December

Suzanne from Worcester won the BIG PRIZE
Suzanne qualified by inviting enough friends to be positioned at number 30 on the leader-board at midnight on the 24th of December. She clearly enjoyed winning the prize:

I am totally gobsmacked that I won the big prize and have only just calmed down, having ran around the house being very giddy for the last 10 minutes!!!

I only heard of your website recently, but I have been impressed with its content and have been looking at the other links to relevant websites as well. I do try and shop wisely and do my bit for the environment.

Top tips?
Well I have picked up some on your website - I am going to try the wrapping cloth idea next year and I have so many candles but never get round to turning off the lights and properly enjoying them.
Personally I always have some spare cotton bags when I go shopping - I am amused at the reaction I get when I don't want a plastic bag!
I have been using the envelopes from Xmas cards I received for to do lists before they head to the recycling bin.
I also made some gifts this year - gardeners hand scrub (I got the recipe off the internet, just lavender flowers from the garden, coarse sea salt and coconut oil reusing plastic toiletry containers with a homemade label.) I would definitely recommend trying to make gifts as it is more personal than something off the shelf.

I am also a member of Transition Worcester namely the Food Group. I am more interested in practically doing things, but there are many different areas where you can join like minded people and make a difference!

People power!

Thanks for the feedback Suzanne, glad you enjoyed the competition :)

Thanks to everyone who entered and, of course, all of our extra ethical prize providers! :)

We hope we have inspired you to have an Extra Ethical 2013, if you have any feedback at all we would love to know what you think?

If you sign up for our mailing list (which you can do when you register) or follow us on Twitter using the link below, we will keep you updated about any future ethical promotions.

Lots of love from Extra Ethical.